Stock Market Basics

You work hard for your money. Your money should work hard for you. 
Learn how to invest in the stock market and put your money to work.

Investing in the stock market should be simple

You would have money you'd like to invest, a list of businesses you want to own and the information to know if a company is a good investment.

So how do you put your money to work?

The Plan

  1. Start your emergency fund & move money to an investment account
  2. Find, analyze and buy businesses you like
  3. Patience
  4. Profit!

Your Investing Journey

They sure do make investing look easy, just a couple clicks in an app and your money is gone!

But really, you know you should be putting your money to work and investing.

The problem is they don't make it easy for you understand where your money is really going.

And you're busy. I get it.

You don't have time to read several books about investing that seem to contradict each other, watch youtube tutorials and visit investing forums to find out ideas every day.

They easy way is to just go put your money in an index fund.

But do you really know what you're buying?

Your money doesn't just magically grow.

I want you to feel confident when it comes to your finances.

Know that you have a cushion to fall back on in hard times and whatever you make from the market is just building your wealth.

Making sense of the stock market is tough.

You can go through multiple books and blogs. Put together your own models in Excel and figure out how to buy stocks.

All the info is out there for free...

But you also don't have the time with your job and everyday life to really search for information and put it all together.

That's why I created Talkvest and the Stock Market Basics course.

To demystify the process.

Let me be your guide on your investing journey.

You'll do a lot of hard work.

That's the reality of investing.

If you're ready to learn how to put your money to work in the stock market, click the link below.
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What's included?


Welcome to Stock Market Basics
What to Expect
Billionaire Warren Buffett: Top Tips For Investing In The Stock Market
Risk Tolerance
Risk Tolerance
Budgets & Emergency Fund
Budgets Overview
Analyzing your Budget
Emergency Funds and Investing
Budgets & Emergency Fund
Why You’re Investing in the Stock Market
Your WHY
Your Brand of Stock Market Investing
Investing Styles
Growth Investing
Value Investing
Technical Analysis
Dividend Investing
Mix of Styles
Warren Buffett: On How To Pick Stocks and Invest Properly
Index Funds, Mutual Funds & ETFs
Index Fund Investing
Why Jack Bogle Doesn't Like Certain ETFs
It's the Economy
Warren Buffett on Stock Market Drop
Economic Cycles
Economic Definitions
The Economy & Index Fund Investing
Finding Companies to Invest in
How to best emulate Warren Buffett's success in today's environment? (2019)
Look around
Stock Market Basics Spreadsheet
Investing in Leadership
Start at the Top
Understanding a Business
Investing Basics: Fundamental Analysis
Warren Buffett & Charlie Munger on Intrinsic Value and Business Valuation
How a business makes money
10K Part 1
10K Part 2
10K Part 2 Balance Sheet, Income Statement & Cash Flows
10K Part 2 Notes
Stock Market Definitions
Terms you'll see on your Broker's website
Charts & Other Info
Putting it Together
Pricing the Stock
Determining Price from 10K
Determining Price from Dividends
Dollar Cost Average (DCA)
Kelly Formula Overview
Kelly Formula Equation
Kelly Criterion: Avoid Ruin
Next Man Up Strategy
Getting your feet wet
Stock Market Games
Buying your first shares
Opening an account
Buy some shares
Acting like a Business Owner
Owning businesses
Warren Buffett Says If You Worry About a Stock Correction You Shouldn't be in the Market
Exit Strategy
Exit Strategy
Wrapping Up
Before we go


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