Make an Extra $1000 Passively with Dividend Investing by Talkvest

Are you ready to learn how to make a passive income with dividend investing?

You work hard for your money and your money should be working just as hard for you.

It's hard to go it alone and to research different companies without any support.

That's why we will do this together.

We aren't trying to drive Lambos on the moon or show off our new yachts on Insta. We just want to build a little passive income for ourselves and worry a little less about our finances and we will do that by helping each other and making sure no one gets left behind.

Welcome to Talkvest.

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Make an Extra $1000 Passively with Dividend Investing

What's included?

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Part I: Welcome & Your Why
Your Why
Risk Tolerance
Budget Analysis
Emergency Fund
Dividend Investing Background
What is Dividend Investing?
Dividend Growth
Dividend Income
Exit Strategy
Part II: Research How to Pick a Stock
Stocks vs ETFs & Index Funds
Value Added Investing
Kings and Aristocrats
Industries and Portfolio Construction
Number of Stocks and Company Sizes
Chowder Rule
Yield Chart
Investing Strategy
Historical Yield & Dividend Growth Model
Part III: Taking Action
Choosing a Broker
Buying Your First Stock
Continuing the System
Back to Your Why
Wrapping Up